Space Savers That Brew Hot Delicious Cups of Coffee

Under cabinet coffee makers are great as a space saver in your kitchen. It will save space and keep your counter top neat and clean.

The space-saving under the cabinet coffee makers - also called "under counter coffee maker" - are mounted under the cabinet above the counter, so that the counter space remains free.

There are different brands and models, and Black and Dacker's under cabinet coffeemakers are quite popular.

Size and capacity vary. You'll find 8 cup coffee makers, 6-10 cups, as well as 10-14 cups.

One known model is Black & Decker's "SDC850 SpaceMaker." It is an 8-Cup under-cabinet coffee maker. It come with a thermal carafe and can brew up to 8 cups of coffee at once.

It has, among other features, a removable water-reservoir, on/off button and a programmable clock.

You can see more about this at Amazon's site:


(Make sure to glance at the reviews there. Some people complain about the installation. Many others agree that this under counter coffee machine makes great coffee after all.)

Nice and Affordable

Classy, impressively-designed and pretty-looking, the under counter coffee makers are fairly affordable too, especially if saving counter space is an important factor.

You can find undercounter coffee makers in the range of $60-$70 bucks online.

Things To Keep In Mind

Keep in mind the following if you consider an under cabinet coffee maker:

  • It may be hard to see the water indicator on the coffeee maker. If you have trouble seeing how much water you're pouring into it, its' a good idea to fill up a measuring cup with the amount of water you want, then pour it into the water container.

  • In order to avoid a mess and water spill all over the counter, you may not want to remove the water container from the coffee maker.

  • If you do remove it, make sure to keep away things that you don't want to get wet and dirty.

  • If you're skilled in handling things, installing the under cabinet coffee makers might not be a good deal for you. Otherwise, you may want to call a skilled person to do it for you to avoid hassle and frustration.

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