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Keurig® B40 vs B60 vs B70 Coffeemakers

What is the difference between Keurig B40, B60 and B70 single serve coffee makers? Which one of these single serving Keurig models is best for you? Is it worth paying the extra money for the more expensive ones among them?

Following is my Keurig single serve coffee maker reviews, comparing the three models side by side, pointing out their different features, ins and odds, and drawing conclusions based on various factors involved.

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Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig B60 Special Edition Coffee Brewing System

Kurig B40 Single Serving Coffee Maker

The differences between the B40 and the others two single coffee makers are simple. The biggest difference is that the B60 and B70 are programmable, whereas the B40 is not. The latter does feature an Auto Off, however.

The B40 - also referred to as the Keurig Elite Brewing System - brews only two cup sizes - 8 and 10 fl oz. Its water reservoir capacity is 48 oz, like the B60 (there's an extended capacity reservoir of 60 oz for the B60 as well sold by Keurig).

If 8 or 10 oz cups work for you and you're not particular about the lack of programmable features, the B40 may be good enough. (Personally, a coffee maker brewing just the 10 oz size is enough for me; I don't need additional sizes. I do like some programability, however.)

The B40 Keurig single serve coffee maker is priced at about . So, it's the more affordable one among all the 3. There's a prononced difference in price between them.

Kurig B60 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The B60 Keurig coffee maker - also named the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System - is more expensive than the B40, and it has one additional 6-oz cup size, so it is capable of brewing 3 different sizes - 6, 8 and 10 oz cup sizes - altogether.

Its 48 0z reservoir capacity is the same as the B40 model, but as mentioned, there's an extended 73 oz XL capacity reservoir available for purchase, that holds 50% more water and it comes with an easy-fill lid.

As I said, the 6 0z cup option is not important to me personally, so the major issue I would consider when faced with the choice to choose between B60 and B40 single serve coffee makers would be the programmable abilities and the price factor.

The programmable features of the B60 (and B70) 1 cup coffeemakers include water temperature programming - adjustable at 187 or 192 degree F -a digital clock and auto on/off. The settings are programmed on the blue, backlit LCD display.

Here's a side by side comparison, so that you can compare the B40 and B60 Keurig single serve coffee machines.

B40 vs B60 Keurig Coffee Machines

B40 Coffeemaker

Keurig B40 1 Cup Coffee Maker

Reservoir: 48

Cup sizes: 8, 10

Price: about $120*

Programmable: No

B60 Coffeemaker

Keurig B60 Single Cup Coffeemaker

Reservoir: 48, XL 73 oz option

Cup sizes: 6, 8, 10

Price: about $150*

Programmable: Yes

*Reflects advertised price at the time of this writing

Kurig B70 Single Serving Coffee Maker

Now, let's look at the B70 coffee maker. Also known as the Keurig Platinum Brewing System, this single serve coffee machine has a larger 60 oz reservoir capacity, compared to 48 of the B40 and B60.

The B70, like the B60 is programmable. It has 2 additional cup sizes over the B60 - 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz - to a total of 5 different cup sizes altogether.

Choosing between the B60 and the B70 coffee makers may be a bit hard, as these two models are similar with differences that to some may be negligible.

The B70 is priced at about $180 (at the time of this writing), about $30 more than the B60.

The main question to ask when having to select between the to is whether you need the small 4 oz cup size, and whether the 12 size is important to you (for example, if you need to use a travel mug of this size).

Note, however, that if you plan to use the K-cups, the stentgh of the coffee tends to be decrease with lareger cup sizes (it depends also on the specific coffee types, blends and flavors of your choice), so the 12 oz may result in a weaker cup.

(You can also use your own favorite coffee grounds in the Keurig 1 cup coffee makers by using the My K-Cup®, that is a reusable filter that can be inserted in the K-cups holder. This allows you also to adjust the strength by scooping in more coffee according to your taste.)

The other major factor to consider, obviously, is the price of the unit that is more than the B60 and a lot more than the B40.

If refilling the reservoir more often is much of a pain to you, then this issue to is to be taken into consideration.

B60 vs B70 Keurig Coffee Machines

B60 Coffeemaker

Reservoir: 48 (XL 73 oz option)

Cup sizes: 6, 8, 10

Price: about $150*

Programmable: Yes

B70 Coffeemaker

Reservoir: 60

Cup sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Price: about $180*

Programmable: Yes

*Reflects advertised price at the time of this writing

Choosing a Winner

All in all, it is my personal opinion that the B60 is the lucky winner from among the three mentioned single serve coffee makers.

To me, the additional cup sizes are not important and the extra 12 oz reservoir capacity is not much of a big deal.

The price tag is a major point to consider. So, I opt for the B60 single cup coffee machine.

(I have to confess, however, as I always say, that personally I'm not crazy about the programmable features either, and as long as it features a basic auto on/off control and indicator lights - as is the case with the Elite B40 Keurig singleserve coffee maker, it does the trick for me.

So, on a personal note, I would choose the B40 for myself and spare the extra $30 or $60 dollars for a more expensive single serve equipped with more fancy and elaborate features that I deem unessential.)

Of course, your preferrence may be different, so weighing all the various factors of the different models, you'll be able to make an informed decision as per the single serve coffee makers that are right for you.

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