Pourover Manual Drip Coffee Makers

Pour Over coffee makers are simple low-tech devices for making coffee with the manual drip pour over method.

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Hario Manual Drip Coffee Maker and Brew Kettle

Melitta filter cones and pourover coffee maker

Plastic manual drip cone filter holder

Chemax 8 cup drip coffee carafe

Clever Coffee Dripper - Single Serve Manual Drip Coffeemaker

For Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Brewers, check out the collapsible manual coffee makers here on the travel coffee maker reviews page

Here's a video you can watch of how to brew coffee with a manual drip pourover Filter-Cone coffeemaker.

Pour Over brewing takes a bit of time and manual work. It does not use electric like the automatic drip coffee makers.

If you have the time and like the fun, you'll enjoy the rich taste and flavors of the pourover coffee. It allows you full control over the brew.

Personally, I like to brew coffee with a filter-cone, but have to confess that it is in fact a bit tedious and can make a little mess if you are not careful enough. When I don't have the time, I just turn on my auto drip and have it make the coffee for me. Of course, when I do make coffee with pour over coffee makers I really like the delicious taste and temperature of the coffee.

Pour Over Brewer Advantages

The pourover coffee maker method is good because...

  • It makes great-tasting, rich-flavored coffee.

  • It allows you full control over the coffee brewing.

  • It has a small footprint.

  • It is affordable.

  • It spares the problems common with electric coffee makers (spills, malfunctions and more).

  • Clean up is easy, unlike the mess left by another rich-flavored coffee maker - French Press coffee maker.

  • You can also use regular grind, instead of the coarser grind rather recommended for French Press coffeemakers.

  • It eliminates bitterness of the coffee.

  • It does not require a power connection.

  • It makes really hot coffee, brewed by a kettle, unlike many electric coffeemakers that brew at lower temperatures. The higher temperatures are good for both more flavor extraction of the coffee beans, and simply serving a hot cup of coffee.

    Pour-Over Drawback

    One drawback is that the coffee will cool soon if you don’t drink it right after brewing as it doesn’t have a hot plate to keep it warm, unless you put the unused coffee immediately in a thermos to keep its heat.

    Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews

    For pour over coffee brewing you’ll need a brewing kettle, a cone filter holder and paper or cloth filters, a carafe or mug for pouring in your coffee.

    Here are some reviews and descriptions of pour over coffee maker equipment.

    The below reviews are followed by price listings and links to the items at Amazon’s site, but I wish to add that you can find also equipments for the pourover coffee brewing at:


    It is a great site of coffee and accessories, including green coffee beans, grounds and coffee equipment, and the guys there are great experts in coffee.

    You may even find equipment there for better prices. Check it out.

    pour over coffee makers
    Hario VDC-02W Dripper V60 Size 02 White Ceramic Funnel.

    This ceramic funnel made by the Japanese glassware company Hario, is well designed and is great for a single serving. It brews 1-3 cups.

    You can use paper or cloth filters with the cone pour over ceramic dripper.

    It is made of ceramic, which is both durable and keeps the heat longer. There’s not much to clean. Just toss away the filter and wash the funnel.

    Find it on Amazon’s site at the time of this writing priced at $24.95.

    Get it here:


    pourover coffee
    Hario VKB-120HSV V60 Coffee Drip Kettle Buono.

    This stainless steel kettle is excellent for pour over brewing. It is well built and has a sleek and stylish design.

    To make pour over drip coffee you'll need a good brew kettle that allows for control of a steady and slow hot water stream over the coffee grounds.

    A regular kettle is not good for pour over coffee makers, as it is not easy to control. The Hario Buono kettle is a good and popular solution.

    It allows full control over the pouring which is essential for making good coffee with pourover method.

    It’s priced at $55 on Amazon's site at the time of this writing.

    Get it here:


    manual drip coffee maker
    Melitta Cone Filter Manual Coffeemaker.

    This Pour Over coffee brewer comes with a glass carafe and a plastic filter holder that uses #4 cone filters.

    Melitta is much known among pour over coffee makers. This product includes a measuring scoop for the coffee grounds, a filter cone and Melitta #4 paper filters.

    It is one of the popular brands used for making single serve coffee with the Pour Over brewing method.

    You’ll also need a brew kettle if you won't use the carafe to heat the water in it, such as the Hario Buono kettle to boil water and brew the coffee.

    Buy it now (as of this writing) at Amazon's site for $9.00

    Get it here:


    Melitta Cone Filter Coffeemaker 10 Cup.

    This is another one of Melitta's pour over coffee makers. You may want to check out this one too.

    It includes 10 cup glass carafe, a lid, measuring scoop, filter cone, Melitta #6 filter paper. If you make less coffee and don’t need the size 6 filters you can use #4 paper filters.

    Get it here:


    filter cone
    Plastic Filter Cone #4 Large coffee maker. This is another filter cone to make manual drip coffee (pourover). It is a made from plastic and seems to be of good quality, now (at the time of this writing) priced on Amazon's site at about $6.00.

    It is meant to place directly over a coffee mug or cup (of 4.5 inch in diameter) do drip the ready coffee inside. It make 16 ounces of coffee.

    This filter cone has two holes, in case one gets clogged. Is it a positive thing? As long as it is not clogged, the coffee perhaps would be better made with just one hole allowing a slower brew and more flavor extraction, I think.

    Personally, I do not own this filter-cone, but it's on my list. I think it's a good filter holder for the manual drip. If you do own one, can you please comment?

    Get this filter cone at the following link:


    Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe - 8 Cup. This is another pour over coffee maker that is widely used and appreciated. I just always like to add: don’t rely on the number of "cups" listed, as they often refer to much smaller cups than you assume, the 5oz cups. By the way, there should be a "6 cups" version too. Check it out.

    It makes good pour over coffee, like the other ones mentioned. It is priced now (time of this writing) on Amazon's site at $38.85.

    Get it here:


    manual coffee brewer
    Clever Coffee Dripper.

    This manual drip coffee maker - the Clever coffee dripper - is good for a single cup of coffee. The manual dripper is made from plastic, and it has a nice design.

    One useful feature of this simple pourover brewer is that it comes with a valve at the bottom that opens once you place the dripper on the coffee mug.

    For best results, do make sure that the Clever coffee dripper comes with a lid (some may not). When brewing, pre-heat the mug and wet the paper filter to wash away paper particles.

    The Clever coffee dripper works like other manual drip pour over coffee makers. You heat water in a kettle, grind the beans (if you do by yourself), spoon in grounds into the filter sitting in the filter cone, pour the hot water over the coffee, stir, let it brew for about 4 minutes and pour the ready brewed coffee into the coffee mug or cup.

    As a manual drip coffeemaker, it makes hot, rich and smooth delicious coffee. The Clever dripper is affordable and easy to clean.

    Get it here:


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