Please follow the links on this page to read drip coffee maker reviews.

The drip coffeemaker method is probably the most widely used method today of making coffee. There are many ways to make drip coffee, manually and with automatic coffee makers, but essentially the process involves running hot water over coffee grounds in a coffee filter that then drips down into a mug, coffee pot, carafe, or whatever, resulting in hot coffee ready to pour or drink.

The electric drip coffee machines automate this process by pouring or spraying the hot water - usually stored in a built in (removable or not) water reservoir - over the coffee grounds that are scooped into the filter (paper filters or permanent coffee filters) that sits in the filter holder, and down through the filter to the mug or carafe.

Automatic drip coffee brewers come in a vast variety of designs, features, capacities and prices, and are manufactured by many different brands.

The below reviews are on the drip coffeemakers are organized by capacity. These are only for home and office low-end drip coffee machines. For commercial coffee makers click here.

Also note that the below links are only to electric drip coffee-makers. For manual drip coffee brewers, the pour over coffee makers, please click here.

Single serve coffee maker

4 cup coffee maker

5 cup coffee maker

10 cup coffee maker

12 cup coffee maker

Click here for stainless steel coffee makers.

For more coffe makers, drip and else, like thermal coffee makers, grind and brew coffeemakers - coffee makers including a grinder - for under cabinet mounted coffee makers, for the vacuum brewing method and for pod coffee makers, please refer to the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

For dual coffee makers with the capacity to brew two pots at the same time, and more, please check out the dual coffee maker reviews.

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