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french press cold brew coffee maker
Bodum Bean Ice French Press 1-1/2 Litre Iced Coffeemaker.

This French Press cold brew coffee maker is a large, well-designed, nice-looking coffeemaker that brews 51 ounces of coffee.

You can use it as a regular french press coffee maker to brew coffee in minutes, or as a cold brew coffeemaker.

Either way, it can also serve as an iced coffee maker and you can make iced coffee brewed with the hot or cold brew method.

Let me add that it's a regular french press coffee pot, to be sure. It just has an added lid for sealing the container and storing the coffee grounds overnight in the refrigerator after mixing with water if you do a cold brew.

This extra lid is in addition to the regular lid that comes with the plunger to press down the grounds that is a part of every french press.

Cold Brew French Press, Or Iced Coffee Maker?

One thing I couldn’t figure is why Bodum, the french press brand, had decided to call this unit an "Iced Coffee Maker."

Let me quote their website regarding the use of this frenchpress coffee maker:

"First you put the ground coffee in the jug as usual. Then you add cold water and put the jug in the fridge overnight. In the morning you press down the plunger – et voilà – you have the most smooth tasting ice coffee you can imagine."

In fact, this is a regular coffee press with the added lid for a cold brew, but "cold brew" is not the same as "iced coffee" at all. You can make ice coffee with a hot brew or cold brew, and you can use a cold brew for hot coffee as well. Cold brew is just a method to brew coffee, and it has nothing to do whether you are going to drink the coffee hot or cold, or make iced coffee, for that matter.

COLD BREW COFFEE - just so you understand better what I just said, let me explain it a little bit more:

Cold brew is a coffee brewing method, soaking the coffee for 12-24 hours in cold water instead of heating the coffee grounds with an electric-powered drip coffee maker or pouring heated water from a brew kettle on the grounds (as it done with a regular french press, or the pour over coffee method).

The cold brew takes longer - 12 to 24 hours. It extracts much of the flavors of the coffee, so it makes a rich, flavorful coffee. It is much less acidic and less bitter than coffee brewed by different methods. The resulting coffee concentrate can be stored for a week or more in the refrigerator and remain fresh.

You can make hot, cold, or iced coffee with cold brewed coffee, just as with hot brewed coffee. This has nothing to do with the way the coffee was brewed.

I posted this question to Bodum and am waiting for a response, which I'll share with you once I get it.

Meanwhile, let's continue with the "Bodum Bean Ice French Press".

I'll focus here just on the cold brew method, since this is the advantage of this particular french press model. Click here to learn more about making French press coffee in general.

Cold Brewing with the French-Press
Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When using the French Press for a cold brew, scoop the coffee grounds (don't be misled by the name of this "Bean" coffee maker; you brew ground coffee, not whole beans) into the beaker. It is recommended, as with a french pot in general, that you use coarse grounds for the french press coffee.

Next, fill the beaker with water, seal it with the extra lid and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours.

Remove the lid and replace it with the regular filter lid. Press down the grounds with plunger-filter and pour the strained coffee.

What you get now is a coffee concentrate that you can mix with hot water (half a cup of concentrate, half a cup water), or make iced coffee (fill the cup about ¾ with concentrate, then add ice chips and cold water). Add milk, or drink it black.

Let me add one thing: this coffee press is good if you want it also to cold brew and it is the first french press that you're going to buy. If you already own a french press, you don't need this one to cold brew; you can do it with a regular french pot too, just seal the container with an air-tight lid or anything else when refrigerated to keep the mix clean and lock out odors of the refrigerator.

For a dedicated cold brew coffee maker (as opposed to this french press which is also made for hot brew), check out the Toddy cold brew coffee system here: Cold Brew Coffee Makers.

To conclude, let me reinforce once again the point that I mentioned at the beginning to avoid confusion. Cold brew has nothing to do with cold or iced coffee. You can brew hot, cold, or iced coffee with both methods – hot-brew or cold-brew, and this french press is not necessarily an ice coffee maker although you can make iced coffee with coffee brewed with this, too.

Cold brew is just a method to brew coffee, that’s all. As opposed to brew with heat (with an electric coffee maker), you just do it by mixing the grounds with water and let the grounds soak for 12-24 hours, and the resulting coffee-concentrate comes out less bitter and much less acidic.

The french press cold brew coffee maker is priced now (at the time of this writing) on Amazon's site at $35.28. Get it here:

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French Press Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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