Pre-Packed Tea-Bag-Like Coffee Brew Bags and Commercial Storage Bags

In our easy, lazy world, we find pre-packed coffee bags, like tea-bags, readily waiting for us on the shelves.

They contain a mix of instant and ground coffee and are steeped in hot water to make a coffee.

These coffeebags are similar to what are known as the "Coffee Pads" or "Coffee Pods" (and "espresso coffee pods"), which are ground coffee that are pre-packed in filters.

However, there are various different bags that share the name "coffee-bags."

Coffee storage bags, for example, are also referred to as coffee-bags. They are used to store, ship and sell coffee.

There are several different kinds of these coffe bags, depending on the user, bulk and purpose of the coffee storage.

Commercial Coffeebags

Farmers, manufacturers, sores and end-users use coffee-bags to store coffee beans or grounds in them.

Coffee storage bags come in various sizes and colors. They're used not only for coffee but also for other products, like candy.

Coffee-bags are made from different materials, linen, paper and else. There are bags with or without tin ties. There are also natural, unbleached, as well as recycled coffeebags.

The bags, or sacks, used by farmers to transport their produce are usually large ones. Coffee items in stores to sell are usually stored in Vaccum bags, keeping the coffee fresh.

Craft-Paper Made Bags to Store Ground Coffee Beans

There are also the bags made from craft-paper that are used by people to store their coffee grounds after grinding the beans in their homes.

Also, coffee-bags are used as promotional items by companies printing their logos and advertisements on them, or by people sending coffee gifts with their greetings on them.

Foil-Type Coffee-Bag for Bulk Roasted Coffee Beans or Small Brew Bags

Many people buy roasted coffee beans in bulk that are packed in foil-type cofee bags (in various sizes) to hold the coffee fresh and avoid air and moisture from entering the bags.

Large 50lb "Burlap" coffeebags are used for importing green coffee.

There are also small wrapped foil bags containing readily ground coffee to brew 1 pot of coffee.

Travel "Coffee Bags"

Some also call "coffee bags" the traveling bags that are especially designed to carry coffee, thermos, milk, mugs, etc. in them. They are practicall for organizing belongings and have the coffee handy when traveling.

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