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Hello and welcome to the coffee makers guide. If you're not as passionate a coffee fanatic as I've been ever since, then you may have come to the wrong place....

Coffee is a complex field, but the information on this site, hopefully, will help you take some of the mystery out of it. The coffee maker reviews and the wealth of information you'll find on this site are the result of ongoing tireless research and experience, and I'm here to passionately share it all with you.

Colombia Coffee Beans Image
This is a shot of Medium Roasted Colombia Supremo Coffee Beans

So, no worries. Sit back and sip your coffee, while I'm doing the hard work for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love to write it. Should you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to drop me a line. There's a human face behind these lines, who'd be most pleased to address your concerns as soon as life permits it.

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Make Your Own Fresh Coffee

electric coffee grinder

Mr. Coffee BVMC Coffee Bean Grinder
Want your coffee really fresh? Buy whole coffee beans and grind them on your own. There are different ways to grind coffee: blade grinders, coffee burr grinders and hand grinders. Check them out on the pages here.

What about roasting your own green coffee beans? Ever thought about that? You should. Nothing beast coffee from freshly roasted beans. You can start by buying whole unroasted green coffee beans and roasting them in a pan on your stove-top. You can also buy home coffee roasting equipment, from hot-air corn poppers to drum coffee roasting machines for home use.

How dark would you roast your beans? That would largely depend on your personal taste and preference. Navigate around here to learn more about roasting levels, including First Crack, Second Crack, light roast, medium and dark or French Roast.

Learn, too, about the various types of coffee beans - Arabica beans being the higher quality ones. You may have heard about Colombian coffee, Brazilian coffee beans, Ethiopian coffee, coffee from Costa Rica, Guatamala and Hawaiian Kona coffee, among others.

Lastly, don't forget a coffee mug. Some people like a large or extra large coffee mug. You may even like a funny cat coffee mug. Check it out.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Start Exploring the Coffee Makers Guide Here....

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Coffee Maker's Blog - stay you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
Coffee News -Read and Write on the Latest News About Coffee and Coffee makers
Read about Coffee News and events, coffee makers and more and submit your own coffee-news
Coffee Brewing - Expert Advice and Coffee Tips on Brewing and Buying Coffee
Hands On Coffee Brewing Tips from the mouth of experts in the field - read our interviews with coffee experts on brewing, roasting, grinding, storing and buying coffee
Buying and Storing Coffee Beans - Tips on Green Coffee Bean Storage
Expert Advice on Storing Coffee Beans - Is vaccum packed coffee fresh? When are green coffee beans considered old? Interview about green coffee bean storage and buying unroasted coffee beans
Coffee Roasting Machine - Coffee Bean Roasters To Roast Your Coffee Beans
Get a Coffee Roasting Machine to roast the coffee beans. Coffee beans roasters roast the coffee beans from light to dark roasts
Home Coffee Bean Roaster - Roast Coffee At Home with the Whirley Pop Corn-Popper
Coffee Bean Roaster - Roasting coffee at home on your stove-top is easy with the Whirley Pop. Learn how to roast coffee on the stovetop, watch a video of home roasting coffee beans
Coffee Grinder Reviews - Reviews On Blade, Burr and High-End Coffee Grinders
Electric and Hand Coffee Grinder Reviews, low end and high end electric coffee grinders and hand coffee mill reviews
Burr Coffee Grinders Reviews - Wheel And Conical Coffee Bur Grinders
Regular and Conical Burr Coffee Grinders - read reviews of burr grinders for coffee. The coffee burr mills make even and better quality grinds
Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews
Hand Crank Manual Coffee Grinder gadgets are used to grind coffee manually, useful for camping, black-outs, or to spare the loud noise and high price of electric coffee grinders
Blade Coffee Grinder Review - Use a Blade Coffee Bean Grinder to Grind Coffee
Here's a Video Coffee Grinder Review of my little home blade coffee grinder, a good basic coffee mill for grinding your own coffee beans at home
Drip Coffee Maker Reviews
Electric Drip Coffee Maker Reviews - Single Serve Coffeemakers, 4 cups, 10 cups, 12 cup coffee makers and more
Cone Filter Coffee Maker Reviews - Coffeemakers that use Conical Filters
Reviews of Cone Filter coffee maker units that use conical filters for better concentration and extraction of coffee filters
Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews and Discussions on 1 Cup Coffee machines
Read Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews to learn about different one cup coffee maker models. Single serve coffee machines are great for brewing 1 cup of coffee
Dual Coffee Maker Reviews - Make Two Cups of Coffee Or Tea At Once
Two Cup Dual Coffee Maker Reviews - 2-cup coffee makers brew two cups of coffee or tea in two different pots at the same time. You can also brew two kinds of coffee at once in 2 separate chambers
Grind and Brew Coffee Makers – One Unit That Both Grinds and Brews Your Coffee
All-In-One Grind and Brew coffee makers are both coffee makers and coffee bean grinders. The coffee maker grinder units do both, they grind and brew the coffee
Electric 4 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews
Reviews of 4 cup coffee maker machines, Cuisnart and Mr Coffee DRX5 and TF5 basic and programmable four cup coffeemakers
5 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews - Small Five Cup Coffeemaker for Home and Office
5 cup coffee maker, small, compact, nice design, programmable and great for home, office or travel. Five cup coffeemaker reviews
10 Cup Coffee Maker - Coffeemaker for Home and Office
Home and Office 10 Cup Coffee Maker - Reviews of Coffee makers that brew 10 cups of coffee, great as home and office coffeemakers
Stainless Steel Coffee Makers - Reviews On Stainless Steel Coffee Machines
Coffeemaker Reviews - Stainless Steel Coffee Makers and more
Under Cabinet Coffee Makers - Great Coffee Makers That Spare Counter Space
under cabinet coffee makers
Pour Over Coffee - Make Rich, Flavorful Coffee with Manual Drip Coffee Maker
Pour Over Coffee brewers make delicious, rich-flavored coffee pouring hot water over coffee in pour over filter cone manual drip coffee maker
Pour Over Coffee Makers - How To Make Great Coffee with Manual Pourover Brewers
Reviews on Pour Over Coffee Makers - Brew coffee with powerover coffee brewers for great tasting and flavor-rich coffee
Travel Coffee Maker Reviews - Coffeemakers for Travel, Hiking, Boating and More
Travel Coffee Maker - Brew coffee on the go with coffeemakers for travel, camping and hiking
Vacuum coffee maker - Clean, Rich, Smooth, Non-Bitter Coffee
Vac Or Vacuum Coffee Maker - It brews smooth and rich coffee
Thermal Coffee Maker Reviews - Keep Your Coffee Warm With Thermal Coffee Brewers
Use a Thermal Coffee Maker to keep your coffee warm long after brewing sparing the need for a coffee mug warmer. Read thermal carafe coffeemaker reviews
Thermal Coffee Makers - Keep Your Coffee Hot Without A Coffee Mug Warmer
Thermal Coffee Makers keep your coffee warm after brewing eliminating the need of coffee mug warmers that can overheat and burn your coffee. Thermal carafe coffee maker reviews
Pod Coffee Maker Reviews - Brew a Quick Cup of Coffee with a Pod Coffee Machine
pod coffee Maker Machines are great to brew a quick hassle-free single cup of coffee. It uses coffee pods and eliminates the mess of coffee ground
Cold Brew Coffee Makers - Make Delicious Coffee With the Cold Brew Method
Cold Brew Coffee Makers brew hot and cold coffee and tea with the cold brew method that eliminates acids and bitterness and extracts delicious flavors of the coffee beans
French Press Coffee Maker - Make Rich and Flavorful Coffee
French Press Coffee Maker Reviews - single serve, 6 cup, 8 cup and 12 cup coffee press coffeemakers, brew hot, rich full-flavored, delicious french press coffee
Electric French Press - No Need For Extra Kettle
Electric French Press - Includes french press system and automates water heating, electric coffee press eliminates need for separate kettle
French Press Coffee Pots - Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Makers and More
Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Pots and other french press coffee makers are great and widely regarded coffee machines combining elegant design and functionality and making great-tasting coffee
Cold Brew Coffee Maker - French Press For Hot and Cold Brew Coffee
This Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a coffee french press that can brew coffee by the hot brew or cold brew coffee method. It can also serve as an iced coffee maker
French Press Coffee Mug - It's a French Press and Also a Travel Coffee Mug
Travel French Press Coffee Mug units are a two-in-one french-press as well as a travel coffee mug that brews french press coffee and serves as a coffee mug
Home Percolator Coffee Pot Reviews - Perk Coffee with Coffee Percolators
Electric Percolator Coffee Pot to brew delicious coffee like mom... 4 to 12 cup stainless steel percolator coffee maker
Commercial Coffee Urns - 12 to 100 Cup Percolator Coffee Makers
Coffee Percolators and Commercial Coffee Urns brew from 12 to 100 cups of coffee depending on the model. Large capacity coffee urns and commercial percolator coffee pots for events and gatherings
Commercial Coffee Machine - Pours Out Delicious Piping Hot Cofffe
High Quality Commercial Coffee Machine pours out up to 11.4 gallons of coffee per hour. Commercial brewer interacts with high end burr grinder to grind and brew hot delicious coffee for large crowds
Commercial Coffee Makers - High-End Coffee Brewers, Commercial Machines and Urns
Commercial Coffee Makers - Make coffee for large crowds with commercial high end coffeemakers, commercial coffee machines and coffee urns
12 Cup Coffee Maker - Electric Auto Drip 12-Cup Carafe Coffeemakers
12 Cup Coffee maker reviews, including carafe coffee makers for home and office that can brew 12 cups of coffee in one pot at a time.
Cone Coffee Filter Reviews - Regular and Gold Tone Reusable Coffeemaker Filters
Reusable Cone Coffee Filter - save money and spare the mess of paper coffee filter by using a cone style permanent coffee maker filter, regular or gold tone reusable coffee filters
Reusable Coffee Filters Reviews - 4, 8, 10 and 12 Cup Coffee Filters
Reviews of Reusable Coffee Filters - Permanent coffee filters with and without handles, Mr. Coffee filters and More
Permanent Coffee Filter Versus Paper Coffee-Filters
Use a Permanent Coffee Filter to spare the mess of paper coffee filters and spare money. Reusable coffee filters are made of mesh, metal, stainless steel and plastic
Electric Coffee Maker Reviews - Single Serve Electric Coffee Machines and More
Single Serve Electric Coffee Maker and more electric drip coffee machine reviews
Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews
Conical Burr Coffee Grinder - Burr mill coffee grinders grind coffee uniformly for even coffee particles and better coffee bean flavor extraction. Conical Burr grinders make a slower and better grind
Coffee Maker Machine Reviews, Home Coffee Makers and Professional Coffee Machine
Read coffee maker machine reviews on home and professional coffee making machines
One Cup Coffee Maker
One Cup Coffee Maker - Keurig's single serve coffeemakers look nice, attractive and functional, but are they reliable? Keurig 1 cup single serve coffee maker B40, B60, B70 home models and more
Coffee Machine Reviews - Read Reviews On Coffee Making Machines
Home and Office Coffee Machine Reviews - coffee making machine to brew coffee at home and office
Coffee Making Machines Reviews - Coffee Makers and Coffee Grinders Reviews
Reviews on Coffee Making Machines, Coffee Makers, Coffee Grinders and Grind and Brew Coffee Machines
Super Automatic Coffee Machine - Bean To Cup
Automatic Coffee Machine. Easy to use and clean, great price. DeLonghi ESAM 3300 Magnifica Super Automatic espresso/coffee cappuccino machine is a coffee maker and grinder, bean to cup
Mr.Coffee® Programmable Coffee Maker and Switch Coffeemaker Reviews
Read Mr.Coffee® programmable coffee maker and other coffeemaker reviews, including video reviews and description of 4 cup, 5 cup and 12 cup coffee makers
12 Cup Coffee Machine Review
Mr Coffee Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Machine Review
Electric Coffee Grinders - Reviews of Coffee Grinder Machines
Reviews On Electric Coffee Grinders - Read reviews on electric coffee mills to grind your own coffee
12 volt coffee maker - Hot Brew On The Go
The 12 volt coffee maker - Brew your hot cup of coffee with 12-V coffeemakers in your car or boat
Coffee Cup Warmers - Keep Your Coffee Hot 'Till Your Last Sip
The Coffee Cup Warmers keep your coffee hot while you work or relax - Use Coffee Mug Warmers to keep warm your cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other bevarages
Large Coffee Mugs - Large, Extra Large, Oversize and Jumbo Coffee Mugs
Use Large Coffee Mugs for home or ideally as travel coffee mugs. You can give large, extra large, oversize or jumbo coffee mugs as promotional or party gifts or keep them as collectibles
Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs And More
Check Out Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs and other coffee mug resources
Funny Coffee Mugs - Funny, Cute and Artistic, Cat Coffee Mugs and More
Weird and Funny Coffee Mugs makes your coffee drinking a more amusing experience and make good party and gift ideas. Check out cat coffee mugs and other funny coffee cups
Cat Coffee Mugs - Do You Like Coffee And Cats? Say Meow To the Kitten Coffee Mug
Adorable funny Cat Coffee Mugs are great for coffee and cat lovers. Cat mugs also make an awesome cute gift for loved ones, especially cat item collectors and lovers of cats and coffee
Unique Coffee Mugs - Unique Mugs for Unique People
Custom and Unique Coffee Mugs are great for unique people or for giving a unique coffee mugs as a gift
Wholesale Coffee Mugs - Custom Designs and Imprints, Glass, Ceramic, Stainless
Buy Wholesale Coffee Mugs, ceramic, glass, stainless steel custom imprinted coffee mugs and many more wholesale promotional coffee mugs
Types of Coffee Beans, Arabica Coffee Beans, Robusta and Other Coffee Bean Types
types of coffee beans
Arabica Coffee Beans Versus Robusta Coffee Beans
Arabica Coffee Beans are better quality than Robusta beans. Arabica coffee is used for specialty coffee around the world
Brazilian Coffee - Coffee Arabica and Robusta Coffee from Brazil
Brazilian Coffee is the most marketed coffee around the world including Coffee Arabica and Robusta Brazil coffee beans
Colombian Coffee Beans - Arabica Coffee Beans of Colombia
Colombian Coffee Beans are known for their rich flavors and delightful aromas. The coffee beans of Colombia grown and cultivated in high elevations are considered high quality Arabica Coffee Beans
Green Kona Coffee Beans - High Quality Hawaiian Coffee Beans
Premium Hawaiian Green Kona Coffee Beans grow in the Western Kona districts of Hawaii. Kona coffee and Kona coffee blends
Kona Blend Coffee - Is It Kona or a Blend of Other Coffees?
Kona Blend Coffee Exposed - Kona Blend often comprises only 10 percent Kona coffee with a mixed blend of other coffees at high prices
Buying Green Coffee Beans - Buy Fresh Raw Coffee Beans and Roast At Home
Buy fresh green coffee beans unroasted and roast the raw coffee beans at home to ensure fresh coffee, save on your coffee budget, enjoy the art and skills and gain full control your coffee roasting
Coffee Bags - For Coffee Brewing, Traveling, Coffee Storage and Shipping
Many types of Coffee Bags are around - Coffee Brew Bags like Tea-Bags, Traveling Coffee-Bags, Coffee Ground Storage Bags and Commercial Storage Bags
Antique Coffee Grinders
Great-Grandma used Antique Coffee Grinders to grind her coffee beans - that old coffee grinder might still be around
Antique Coffee Grinder Reference Book - Hundreds of Coffee Grinders Photos
Get this Antique Coffee Grinder book, rich history of old coffee grinders, hundreds of color pictures and old coffee grinders value
Antique Coffee Pot - Keep It, Sell It. Don't Throw Away Grandma's Old Coffee Pot
Have an Antique Coffee Pot? Why throw it away? You can buy or sell antique and old coffee pots, keep it as a decoration or give away as a gift
Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes - Enjoy a Delicious Piece of Coffee Cake
Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes - Coffee cakes, chocolate coffee cakes, fruit coffee cake, and more
Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipes
Like a Piece of Chocolate Coffee Cake? Recipes of Chocolate Coffee Cakes
Coffee Bean Storage - How To Store Coffee Beans
Tips on Coffee Bean Storage - Storing coffee beans properly is essential for preserving the good flavors and aroma of the coffee beans. Learn how to store coffee beans, green, roasted or coffee ground
Roasting Coffee Beans At Home Ensures Fresh Flavorful Coffee
Are You Roasting Coffee Beans At Home? Types of coffee beans, origin and roasting will impact the coffee bean quality. Buy coffee beans fresh and do not buy bulk green coffee beans
Home Coffee Roasting - Roasting Coffee Beans At Home
By Home Coffee Roasting you have more control over the roasting quality and taste and flavor of the coffee beans. Home roasting coffee can also save you money
Coffee Bean Grinder - Grind Your Coffee Beans Yourself With a Coffee Grinder
Selecting a Coffee Bean Grinder to grind your coffee beans from fine to coarse
Burr Coffee Grinder and Blade Coffee Grinders - Coffee Grinder Reviews
Use a Burr Coffee Grinder to grind your coffee beans for a more uniform grind and better coffee quality. Two types of coffee mill grinders
Hand Coffee Grinder - When The Power Goes Off....
How About a Hand Coffee Grinder? Manual grinders are not only exotic, they are handy when electric power goes off and make a nice gift and decor
Coffee Maker With Grinder - Single Unit Coffeemaker and Grinder
All-in-One Coffee Maker with Grinder system - mill and brew your coffee with one single coffee maker grinder unit that both grinds the coffee beans and brews your coffee
Single Cup Coffee Makers - If You Want Just One Single Cup of Cofee
Single Cup Coffee Makers are great for a single serve of coffee - Read about the pros and cons of single serve coffee makers
Two Cup Coffee Maker - A Dual Coffeemaker To Brew 2 Cups At the Same Time
Dual Coffeemakers or Two Cup Coffee Maker Machines brew two cups of coffee or tea at the same time. 2 cup coffee makers brew caffeinated and decaf coffee, or coffee and tea in 2 cups simultaneously
Commercial Coffee Maker - Large Capacity Coffee Pots and Commercial Coffee Urns
Use a Commercial Coffee Maker to brew large amounts of coffee. Commercial brewers include coffee pots, percolator coffee maker and coffee urns
Pod Coffee Makers - Single Serve Coffee Makers That Brew a Quick Cup of Coffee
Single Serve Pod Coffee Makers brew a cup of coffee on the go. Pod coffee brewers use coffee pre-sealed coffee pods and eliminate the mess and hassle of handling coffee ground
How To Make Coffee - Basic Information on How To Brew Coffee
How To Make Coffee - Home Brew Your Coffee Yourself. Here is how to home brew your coffee
Cold Brew Coffee - Brew a Healthier Yet Delicious Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee is fresh, rich, and delicious, yet spares acidity unlike hot brew coffee
Cleaning a Coffee Maker - Tips and Instructions
Cleaning a coffee maker is essential for its maintenance. Here are tips and instructions on how to clean a coffee maker
Pictures of Coffee - See Coffee Pictures and Upload Your Own
Upload Your Pictures of Coffee or see coffee pictures submitted by others
Pictures of Coffee Beans
Upload Your Pictures of Coffee Beans to share your coffee bean pictures with others. Show your coffee bean photos and comment or ask questions about your coffee beans as shown in your pictures
Cheap Coffee Table - Nice, Elegant, Classic Inexpensive Coffee Tables
Looking for a Cheap Coffee Table? Nice, classic and contemporary inexpensive end tables and coffee tables
Adjustable Coffee Table - Versatile, Elegant Coffee-Table
The contemporary adjustable coffee table is elegant, versatile, in stylish design and form. It adds to the home decore and has several levels, two which rotate to create more space
Lift Top Coffee Table - An Elegant and Convenient Coffee-Table
The Lift Top Coffee Table is an elegant piece of furniture in modern homes. Lift-top tables come in many styles and designs. They are used as coffee tables and much more
Round Coffee Table
Round Coffee Table
Boat Coffee Table
The Boat Coffee Table is a fashionable unique coffeetable like a real boat ducked in your home
Coffee Makers - All About Coffee and Coffee makers
Learn about Coffee Makers and all coffeemaker and coffee accessories. Send us your questions and request in regard to coffee and coffee maker machines
Coffee Maker Reviews - Links And Resources
Coffee and Coffee Maker Reviews and resources - link to coffee maker websites
Aeropress coffee Review
Is Aeropress Coffee Good? Learn how to use an Aerobie Aeropress and make delicious Coffee
Contribute to Coffee Makers
Would you like to share your knowledge about coffee makers? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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